The 5 Facebook Ads That You Should Care About, And Why


Facebook is one of the leading advertising platforms. The advantages of Facebook advertising are numerous. First of all, the leading social media website has a number of tools that make advertising via this platform budget-friendly. Of course, it offers some commercial advertising services. Yet, there are plenty of ways to make your Facebook ad campaign cost-efficient – in fact, with the right amount of time and effort, you can significantly increase your brand awareness without any serious damage to your pocket.

There are several types of Facebook ads you should know about.

The most common types of advertising a product or a service on Facebook include:

1. App ad: app ads definitely occupy leading positions when it comes to Facebook advertising. If you are an IT specialist, trying to market your new application, Facebook should be of great service to you. It allows you to carefully target you audience, optimize your click through rate, and increase brand awareness about your company and its products.

Both mobile and desktop applications can be successfully advertised on Facebook. If you are working outside of IT sphere, but still have an app to offer – this ad type can also be very beneficial for you.

2. Domain ad: if you do not have a specific app, it would be a wise choice to advertise your domain – that is, your corporate website. This method is suitable for any business or company. As soon as you have your website up and running, you can start advertising it on Facebook, which will give you a chance to improve your traffic and attract tons of attention to your new business.

3. Event ad: think of the possible event to host and start advertising it. This can be considered ‘indirect’ advertising, yet it works like a charm. By organizing an event, you get a chance to attract some local clients to your shop, café, salon, etc.

Think of something that could help you promote your business – a giveaway, some special offers, holiday discounts – and include this info into your event ad.

4. Page like ad: it is also possible to advertise your corporate page on Facebook. Page likes are another way to increase your brand awareness. Most likely, you already have established a community of your friends, family members, and business partners. Send them invitations to like your page to get the ball rolling.

5. Page post ads: promoted or sponsored page posts are additional means of attracting users’ attention. There isn’t much visual difference between a promoted and non-promoted post. However, with the promoted, ‘likeable’ posts, users can be redirected to your website, which positively affects your traffic and has the potential of increasing your conversion rate.

Note that a thorough marketing campaign should be based on the combination of these ads. It is not necessary to use all of them, yet it is crucial to come up with a detailed marketing plan and carefully base your entire campaign on your target audience. So, your primary goal while advertising on Facebook is to determine what your audience needs and cater to your prospective clients’ expectations.