FB Research and Development Service

Want Facebook ad help but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get good service?
I understand that many marketers out there don’t want full management.

I started using Facebook ads since 2011, and since then I have been using facebook ads as my primary and most of the time sole source of marketing.

In 2014 I started managing FB ad accounts for other people, and since then I have managed over 350 accounts! thats over 2,000 campaigns and over 20,000 ads!

In addition to managing ad accounts, In 2015 I wrote a facebook ad management ebook that sold over 1,500 copies!

I know every nook and cranny of FB ads.

So what does this service offer?

After a while I found that many marketers don’t want complete management on their account, they want researched, custom tailored campaigns.

Well, you now have the flexibility to choose one or all of these at a discounted rate
(All services come with complete research)

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    Ad copy creation

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    Targeting Creation

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    Landing Page Creation

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    Facebook Page Setup

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    Pixel Help and Setup

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    Retargeting Setup

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    Skype Consultations

Let’s Say For Example

You know who to target, you have a killer landing page ready, you have a facebook page setup, but all you need is someone to write your adcopy.

What are your options? write your own adcopy and risk losing money or hire a Facebook ad manager who will manage everything for you at premium cost, but you don’t want complete management, you just want ad copy!

Well now you have the option of just paying for adcopy creation, where I will research your product/service/URL and give you a high quality highly researched adcopy that would complement your FB campaign.

Price Menu For Each Service

TARGETING Most Popular!


Includes 5 Adsets
    Additional Adset =$3

Facebook Page Setup


Includes design

Pixels and Tracking


Complete Setup

Rush Order Most Popular!


48Hr Delivery96 Hour Delivery = $25
7 day delivery = $0

Pre-Made Bundles for 10% less!

Management Bundle


$397 Value
  • Landing Page Design
  • 30 Minute Consult
  • Pixel Placements
  • Retargeting Audience Setup
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • Targeting Setup
  • Ad copy Setup
Buy Now!

Starter Bundle


$48 Value
  • Ad copy Setup
  • Targeting Setup
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IRON Clad Money Back Guarantee

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    Delivery will NEVER be later than what is agreed upon.

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    Delivery will be researched in detail based on the URL provided.

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    I always over deliver and never under deliver

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    I will always deliver what is promised

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    Our service will always be on par with Facebook Advertising Policy

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    Fluent & grammatically correct

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! everything in this service is tailored specifically to be safe and Facebook compliant. If for some reason your ad gets denied from an adcopy or image I delivered then I will fix it or send you a new one free of charge.
Yes, after I receive your order for a 30 minute consult, I will contact you to schedule a suitable time for you to get our skype consult!
The estimated delivery time for all services (excluding consult) is 7 days. I will however do my best to deliver it to you much sooner.
If for some reason I make mistake (I am human after all) I will do my absolute best to get it fixed for you ASAP and with no charge.
All our orders will be delivered to the email registered on the order form.
To get at least 10 different ads you need:

The base adcopy( +$49) (which includes 1H, 1B, 1D, 1Img)

Now you can add 2 headline for $10 and 1 body text for $10 and 1 description for $5, which means you now have (3H, 2B, 2D, 1Img)—> now multiply them all together to get how many ads you get.

3 Headlines x 2 Body Texts x 2 Description x 1 Image = 12 Ads To Split Test
Cost is $49+$10+$10+$5 = $74