5 Tips to Help You Improve Your Facebook Ad Approval Time

Facebook Ad Approval Time

Many people have tried posting their ads on Facebook without success. This can be a source of frustration especially if you don’t know the reason why your ad has been rejected. The Facebook approval process is based on varied factors and knowing them helps a lot. The ads are reviewed manually by human beings, so there are nothing like automated … Read More

Killer Strategies to Enhance Your Facebook Ad Conversion Rate

Killer Strategies to Enhance Your Facebook Ad Conversion Rate

Advertisers and brand owners are using Facebook ads to connect with their audience and as they churn out adverts, they spend more advertising dollars. Out of the many visitors that Facebook receive everyday, it really helps when you take advantage of some of the best strategies to help you convert more and boost the bottom line of your business. Here … Read More

Facebook Ads: Tips For An Awesome Landing Page

Tips for an awesome landing page

You have an awesome facebook campaign setup and its getting cheap clicks, but from some reason the traffic is not converting! What could be the problem? you researched the audience perfectly and made an awesome ad, you are getting high CTR but still no conversions. The issue is most likely your landing page. A landing page can make or break … Read More

Split Testing Your Facebook Ads

Split Testing Facebook Ads

One of the best results and tools I have found with Facebook ads is the ability to split hundreds and even thousands of ads with a low low budget. If you have a Facebook campaign running while you read this and it only has 1 or 2 ads in the ad set then you are missing on a lot of … Read More

How Much Is Facebook Advertising ? Determining Your Budget

How much is facebook advertising

Determining your Facebook budget can be a confusing task, and for most people can be a drain on their advertising budget. Throughout my Facebook ads career I have always found that sticking to the bare minimum in your daily budget especially at the beginning of your marketing campaign can save you a lot of money and forces you to squeeze … Read More

How To Choose Your Facebook Ad Bid Type

How To Choose Your Facebook Ad Bid Type

What you should know about popular ads on Facebook and how to make the right bid   Many new businesses are in need of putting their name out there. Facebook and other forms of social media are some of the best ways to do so. Facebook ads have become incredibly popular and have really helped businesses increase their sales. If … Read More

What Niches Work With Facebook?

Niches that work

This is probably the most asked questions I have received from clients. Everyone wants to know that special niche that does goes perfectly with Facebook ads, well the answer is…… Everything. Yeah you guessed it, if its within Facebook guidelines it will work well with Facebook. Now I’m not saying that you should blatantly go ahead and start promoting anything, … Read More

10 Dead Simple Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Campaigns


Facebook is undeniably one of the biggest social media websites in existence, and it brought advertising to a totally new level. It is no longer just a fad, but a necessity especially for small local businesses as it offers an efficient and budget friendly solution to market one’s business to specific audiences. There are several ways to optimize your Facebook … Read More

The 5 Facebook Ads That You Should Care About, And Why


Facebook is one of the leading advertising platforms. The advantages of Facebook advertising are numerous. First of all, the leading social media website has a number of tools that make advertising via this platform budget-friendly. Of course, it offers some commercial advertising services. Yet, there are plenty of ways to make your Facebook ad campaign cost-efficient – in fact, with … Read More