5 Tips to Help You Improve Your Facebook Ad Approval Time

Facebook Ad Approval Time

Many people have tried posting their ads on Facebook without success. This can be a source of frustration especially if you don’t know the reason why your ad has been rejected. The Facebook approval process is based on varied factors and knowing them helps a lot. The ads are reviewed manually by human beings, so there are nothing like automated ad approvals. It’s imperative that you operate within Facebook’s an advertising policies. Here are 4 tips that can help you improve your Facebook ad approval time


  1. Post your ads early mornings weekdays or late at night

You should post your Facebook ads early morning on weekdays because failure to do this could prolong the approval time. Facebook works from 8 am to 8 pm PST and ads that are posted between 10.30 pm and 12.30 am get approved pretty fast. Problems start when you click the submit button and the ad waits for review. If your ad is not evaluated, it’s probable that there are many other ads in the queue. But if your ads don’t get approved, you can try different time frames and it can land on a different Facebook reviewer who can review your ad and ensure that it is approved within the shortest time possible..


  1. Check the content of your ad

Advertisers should know what can and cannot be advertised on Facebook. It’s imperative to know that Facebook cares most about user experience and your ad should look real nice and must fit into the user’s news feed and should attract user’s attention in a more positive manner. Moreover, the content you display should not be nude and sexually explicit. Also, content that are shocking in nature should never be displayed in Facebook ads. Also, pictures that show serious car crash, dead animals, injured persons and other related will never get your ad approved. Other things that are prohibited are adult content ads and gambling related advertisements. However, adult content such as family planning services can be allowed if properly targeted. Gambling ads can only be allowed in countries and territories where gambling is legal.


  1. Ensure that your landing page works well

Your ads redirect users to your landing page and before you send your ad for review, it really help when you ensure that your landing page works well no matter the device being used. Also, the contents of the ad should be congruent with what is contained in your landing page.Any disparity in the content of your ads and your landing page could lead to the rejection of your Facebook ads.

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  1. Check your domain

Your Facebook ad approval time could be prolonged if your domain has been marked as spam. There are various reasons why a website may be marked as spam and it is critical that you keep checking if yours is listed. Fortunately, you can work towards correcting a spamming problem if it really exists. Facebook advertising division has a serious anti spam campaign and will not tolerate anyone who may be spamming. Even the slightest suspicion of this may make the approval of your ad denied.