10 Dead Simple Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Campaigns


Facebook is undeniably one of the biggest social media websites in existence, and it brought advertising to a totally new level. It is no longer just a fad, but a necessity especially for small local businesses as it offers an efficient and budget friendly solution to market one’s business to specific audiences.

There are several ways to optimize your Facebook marketing campaign at little or no fee. Though every company is a unique enterprise, there are still several marketing tips that will be useful to any business owner.

Here is the list of top ten things you should know about Facebook marketing.

They will give you a better idea of how to get started and help you to avoid some common advertising mistakes:

1. Establish your audience: establishing your audience should always be your top priority. Do not worry, if it seems too narrow – in fact, marketing for a specific kind of clientele is often easier and more efficient than targeting a vast, general audience.

2. Include a clear call to action: call to action is one of the major things that can make your ad ‘work’. People subconsciously react to the right call to action. Coming up with the right words can help you to significantly increase your client conversion rate.

3. Keep it simple: brevity is the soul of wit – especially in Facebook ad campaigns. Keep it simple and to the point – both with the content of your ad, and with your call to action.

4. Go interactive: using interactive calls to action in your ads is a great idea. It is particularly so for video ads. Include clickable links, use bright images – and your ad will definitely stand out from the competition.

5. Work on the eye-catching images: images are very important, because they are the first ones to draw attention. As the user scrolls through his / her news feed, the right image may catch the eye and boost the user’s interest in your company.

6. Avoid negative connotations: do not use any negative language in your ads, as it is a subconscious ‘deal breaker’ for the majority of people. Stick to the positive connotations only.

7. Advertise special offers: discounts and special offers always appeal to an average customer, so they might be a good way to start your Facebook ad campaign.

8. Make it playful: hosting a contest is one of the best ways to attract users’ attention. The prize does not necessarily has to be huge – quite often, the fun of competing is enough to bring your brand awareness to a totally new level.

9. Keep track of your activities: Facebook allows you to monitor your data and metrics. Analyze how the customers react to your ads and adjust your campaign on the go.

10. Quickly react to customer feedback: immediately react to any customer feedback. Never ignore negative feedback, if any. If something went wrong with your service or product – come up with a reasonable, well-grounded explanation.

Of course, as you get to the actual Facebook advertising, you will learn hundreds of new, additional details. However, this initial list is enough to give a great boost to your new ad campaign.